Saturday, 22 March 2008

The Gender Recognition Panel has reached a decision on your application.

Your Gender Recognition Certificate numbered GRF ****** is enclosed.

A simple letter, several pages of explanation of how they’ll send me a new Birth Certificate and the certificate itself delivered in a do not bend envelope.

Am I pleased?

I am f**king ecstatic.

For some people the certificate is not important but it is hugely so for me.

Anyone who can see past his or her prejudice and talks to me knows very quickly that I always was a woman.

The body is one thing but the soul is something else. My spirit soars today as my female soul is finally recognised by the institutions of mankind, as God always knew who I was.

I’m so happy and to all those who have supported and helped me a big, big thank you.

I forgive all those who have tried to destroy me.

In the end love always triumphs over hatred & bigotry.

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