Monday, 31 March 2008

Death by a single cut…

In 1965 I bought Bob Dylan’s Highway 61 Revisited. It was a defining album in my musical education. I was 15 and the simple music but complex lyrical construction perfectly suited my mood at the time. Dylan & the late Keith Rolf of the Yardbirds inspired me to play harp (harmonica) as well as the guitar I was still learning to master.

I used to go to my best friend Dave’s house and we’d play along. He had a 12-string guitar that at the time I thought was the coolest thing in the world. I never got to grips with it as my hands were just too small. I did however learn to improvise around the rhythm on my guitar – happy days.

Anyway Dylan’s masterpiece came out over the years at times when I needed succour from the lyrics – yes they all mean something profound if you care to think.

Try this:

God says to Abraham, "Go kill me a son"
Abe says "Man, you must be putting me on"
God says "No." Abe says "What?"
God says "You can do what you want Abe, but the next time you see me coming you better run"
Abe says "Where do you want this killing done?"
God says "Out on Highway 61.

Or this:

They're selling postcards of the hanging
They're painting the passports brown
The beauty parlor is filled with sailors
The circus is in town
Here comes the blind commissioner
They've got him in a trance
One hand is tied to the tight-rope walker
The other is in his pants
And the riot squad they're restless
They need somewhere to go
As Lady and I look out tonight
From Desolation Row

Cinderella, she seems so easy
"It takes one to know one," she smiles
And puts her hands in her back pockets
Bette Davis style
And in comes Romeo, he's moaning
"You Belong to Me I Believe"
And someone says," You're in the wrong place, my friend
You better leave"
And the only sound that's left
After the ambulances go
Is Cinderella sweeping up
On Desolation Row

I lost this album when my second wife decided part of her revenge on me was to sell off all my albums. I mentioned it to “L” one day in conversation and then a CD arrived by post – guess what I have the music again! So straight into the CD player, guitar slung over shoulder and even though I’d not heard the songs for 10 years I remembered all the chords AND all the lyrics! It’s great to have the music again.

I think music has kept me sane through the years of suppression & denial as much as using the pain of Ankylosing Spondylitis allowed me to control the conflict of the female brain and male anatomy. Music is a huge part of my core identity and I use it to change my mood more effectively than any drugs and I’ve taken plenty of them.

This week I’ve bid for my first flat in Manchester and I’ve met a couple wanting to swap from London. Their flat is near Itchycoo Park made famous by Steve Marriott of the Small Faces who was born in that Borough. It’s rated the third worst place in the UK to live the worst being Merthyr Tydfil where my Mum was born and returned to die. Not that it bothers me as I’m happier connected to my working class roots in a culturally diverse environment. Uttoxeter is too English & Caucasian for my tastes. They liked my flat so it’s down to getting work in the area. Their flat is no more than 2 miles from where I first lived in London when I went to University in 1968 so it’ll be almost a return to my roots.

Talking of roots I got the draft for my new birth certificate. It had the names & occupations of my adopted parents so I had a moments dilemma did I get the birth certificate produced with their surname or my chosen one (they give you that choice).

It was easy really they’d picked a boy not a girl they never knew though I’m convinced the cause of some conflict with my mother was down to the fact that she knew the decisions and attitudes I projected were not lets say 100% male. We made our peace later in life and it matters not now, as she’s dead. I was pleased to note in terms of country of birth it will still say England as that’s cool for when I’m accused of being Welsh LOL

It also made me think about do I get the full details of my birth mother who gave me up for adoption but I keep thinking it was 1950 it was a very different world and she’ll be an old lady now and I could cause considerable trauma to her assuming she was alive. I don’t need that and I always thought some things are best left alone. Being an adopted child didn’t cause me any trauma and I always saw my adoptive family as my own so I’ll resist the urge. Anyway I do know some details as I saw my file (by mistake)in 1961. It wasn’t a shock as I already had been told by my Mum & Dad beforehand when I was old enough to understand.

So the official new birth certificate will be with me in a few days and yes I’ll cry but what would you expect me to do?

So I should be in a pretty good mood really as all this is positive stuff except that a friend of mine cut themselves again. I find it very frustrating that they can talk about symptoms but not reveal the true cause of their mental health issues. OK I’m not a professional and I’ve no right to know and I must respect their free will to do mutilation but in terms of ridding themselves of constraints that limit their life it was death by a single cut.

The things I’ve discovered about mental health issues is to forget the normative comparisons, forget the guilt, forget the drugs but learn the only person that can cure the “problem” is yourself. Decide to be well and you will be well. I pray my friend will realise that sooner rather than later…

Saturday, 22 March 2008

The Gender Recognition Panel has reached a decision on your application.

Your Gender Recognition Certificate numbered GRF ****** is enclosed.

A simple letter, several pages of explanation of how they’ll send me a new Birth Certificate and the certificate itself delivered in a do not bend envelope.

Am I pleased?

I am f**king ecstatic.

For some people the certificate is not important but it is hugely so for me.

Anyone who can see past his or her prejudice and talks to me knows very quickly that I always was a woman.

The body is one thing but the soul is something else. My spirit soars today as my female soul is finally recognised by the institutions of mankind, as God always knew who I was.

I’m so happy and to all those who have supported and helped me a big, big thank you.

I forgive all those who have tried to destroy me.

In the end love always triumphs over hatred & bigotry.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

So would you accept a third gender then?

Well it’s infinitely better than being male was my instant response to yet another deep searching question from “L”. Yeah we’re speaking again well more like discussing the meaning of life, god & the universe between comparing fashion!

We’re trying to learn to be just friends which of course is not easy after such a tempestuous affair. I hope we make it but “L” and I have no secrets and have revealed our souls to each other so who knows where we end up. I’m determinedly switching off my ability to foresee future events. (I hope.)

Anyway back to the question and my response.

This is fundamental to the transsexual and transgender debate. The issue being do you seek to affirm your sex or your gender?

For a transsexual person defined as someone in the process of making a permanent change to the limit of acceptable surgical skill then you are affirming your sex. You are making your body as congruent as medicine can achieve to the sex of your brain. It is the sex of your brain that never changes and that you seek to affirm in legal terms not the sex of your body on the basis of an examination at birth.

For a transgender person defined as someone who switches back & fore in terms of gender presentation then the issue of affirming your sex never arises as it is as recorded on your initial birth certificate.

But if we look at the reality to get a birth certificate in your true gender you must submit to being recorded on a Government database that defines you as having changed gender rather than making a simple correction of the original registry entry so perhaps in England we have created a third gender whilst preserving the original classification of sex determined by the doctor who examined you at birth.

That there is no legal requirement for physical change is undoubtedly right as the surgery for female to male in terms of creating a functional penis is just not there yet.

It could get very interesting though when transplantation techniques or organ growth from stem cells reach a standard where a transsexual man can father children and a transsexual women can carry a child to birth. This is not fantasy as if we continue to push the boundaries of medicine then we will see it happen though maybe not in my lifetime.

Meanwhile we must agree that sex is not defined by the possession or non-possession of a penis or a womb.

We must agree that brain sex not body sex is the determining factor and that it is a natural occurring phenomenon that brain sex and body sex may not be congruent and that is perfectly normal to want to align them but you can’t change the sex of your brain.

That is what I know to be the truth.

I recognise that the simplicity of this truth can appear compromised by transvestic fetishists and the sex and psychiatric industries that believe that gender is a chosen position and that people can be cured by counselling. This is the gender is a social construct argument compared to strict binary heterosexual presentation (which is all the majority of society want to see, note the same people believe in corporal and capital punishment).

Recently I’ve been reading the opposition’s arguments and it doesn’t take long or much research to find out these people believe homosexuality is something that is acquired but loathed by the individual. It’s the old ridiculous religious argument of control of the individual by the establishment making you believe in the concept of original sin. The establishment as guardians of capitalist exploitation want you to feel insecure and inadequate – how else could you invent a term like gender dysphoria?

So can I accept a third gender? Well NO.

My brain was created female my body male but I have declared my intention to live as female for the rest of my life. Only finance stands between me and the limits of physical surgical change.

That means the word Girl on my new birth certificate when it arrives is correct and I can look God in the eye and say behold the woman, Maggie Fiona Fox.

Friday, 14 March 2008

Times are changing?

Not in terms of stupid moronic abuse from the locals before you get too excited!

I’ve got an irritating little shit from Thomas Alleyne’s High School (Uttoxeter) called Mark who thinks its funny to walk close behind me saying “Tranny”. Shame he can’t be disciplined for failure to follow the school motto “I will that all schollers shall behave themselves gently to all kinds of persons of every degree ” Thomas Alleyne, Founder of the school (Circa 1558). But then what can you expect from a town full of bigots?

In other ways – perhaps…

I got an increase in credit limit from Barclaycard much to my surprise now for most people that’s a so what but as a discharged bankrupt on poverty wages then it’s a welcome sign of financial rehabilitation.

I know I shouldn’t but a bit of retail therapy was essential to celebrate. Actually I did rather well as I bought the pink top (£5) and black jeans (£14) that I’d lusted over for the past two weeks and then a real bargain a great pair of black ankle boots reduced from £15 to £5. All from Peacocks and all fit a dream so that’s my smart casual look sorted as I already have a cool purple jacket.

I’m off to Manchester during next week to see if there are any bargains to be had – bet I’ll find one LOL Also it’s decision time for the Gender Recognition Panel so I’m praying it’s third time lucky there. Oh and I’m seeing Manchester Housing so it’s fingers and toes crossed for that! Makes it hard to walk so I’ll skip & run LOL

We’ve finally agreed an appeal hearing with my employer at the end of next month and just maybe they’ll take the grievances seriously after that. It’s time to explain the law in words of one syllable and how they flouted it never mind broke it.

This is the time when what happens next is a lot to do with your core personality, the bit that got trampled on and nearly destroyed in my case. That I see the glass half full rather than half empty is a significant point on my road to recovery.

I’ve got that inner contentment back and my passion for truth and justice. Things can only get better…

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

I support the Harry Benjamin Syndrome explanation for transsexualism as a hard-wired condition.

Lisa Jain Thompson explained it like this:

Conception occurs at the moment sperm fuses with ova. The resulting zygote, not yet an embryo, has no sexual differentiation. This is how all of us begin, even those of us born in test tubes.

The default condition of a human is female. At the moment of conception we have female configured brains and, without an influx of male hormone, we will be born with a female brain and female sexual anatomy. We call this the standard development pattern.

Sometimes, however, the genetic plan for the developing embryo misfires. The brain’s neurobiology configures first, the body’s later. For a boy to be born, the male hormone testosterone must wash over the undifferentiated foetus at two distinct points in the development.

• The first is when the human brain locks into gender identity. If the male hormone is not present at this time, the neurobiology of the brain will remain configured in the female state.

• The second crucial point is when the human body develops sexual organs, internal and eternal. If the male hormone is present, for whatever reason, the sexual organs will be male; if the male hormone is not present, the organs will default to female.

In an HBS man (female to male), testosterone washed over the brain, changing the neurobiology to male, but not over the body so that the person was born with male neurobiology within a female anatomy

In an HBS woman (male to female), testosterone washed over the body, but not the brain so that the person was born with female neurobiology in a body with male anatomy.

You have to think that Mother Nature must be bending over with laughter.

The full article is at


Friday, 7 March 2008

People can see you’re happy in your skin…

I think it was Joana that said that about me but maybe it was Sarah as we had one of our deep & meaningful conversations in my hairdressers.

OK I’ve had more than my fair share of upset in recent times but fundamentally I am at peace with myself and who I am since my transition.

It’s easy to forget sometimes the utter despair before transition, the fighting with one’s self, knowing your brain is one sex and your body a different one. Realising you can’t fit male norms; well you can fool some people, some of the time, but never your inner self. Maybe my pre transition nickname at my local pub of “Little Red Riding Hood” was a sign I wasn’t really fooling anyone pretending to be a man though I expect they just thought I was gay LOL

The pleasing thing from my perspective was their observation that I project this fundamental happiness to other people. Yeah I’m friendly LOL Another bit that made me smile was the observation that perhaps people having seen such a big physical change in me had expected my personality to change or modify.

It hasn’t at all. OK I cry more openly and the emotions I held inside, you know stiff upper lip and all that; are there for all to see. My passionate belief in truth, justice and the equality of all are now not restrained by the false male persona I tried to convince myself was the real me but I’m the same person transitioning doesn’t change anything fundamental about personality or mood it just removes the inner conflict or rather it does it if you were meant to do it.

We chatted at length about what it really means to be a woman and not a stereotype. Barbie doll type at one end or the heavily butch type at the other end of the spectrum. How girly you are is mostly determined by circumstances rather than by sex. But you have to be happy with yourself to understand that!

I just love Joana and the girls they’ve helped me so much on my journey coping with my moments of despair and now enjoying my resurrection. I do feel “born again” in Manchester and l feel the city smiles back at me.

Today the daffodils and crocuses smiled in the sunlight and that added to my good mood. A nice lady had given me her magazine when she got off the train at Macclesfield and on the way back this rather dishy guy offered me a share of his newspaper. Tiny gestures but they make you feel that you fit in the real world rather than a bigot-imposed ghetto.

Recently I’ve cut a lot of my links with the T-girl world not because I’m becoming a superior TS bitch but because those that really care have my phone number and email so I don’t need chat rooms full of people I don’t know seeing me as part of a fantasy world when I belong in the real world.

OK I’d like a partner or a partner type but separate homes relationship but not at any price. Everyone wants to be loved and give love and despite being lied to and deceived I will risk loving again but that’s part of the female brain thing. Someone soon would be nice as I don’t feel I’m on the rebound from being dumped and my sex drive has been reawaken – hint, hint LOL

I could write a lot more about today but I’d step over the line of revealing stuff told me in confidence. Let’s just say the dent in my confidence by recent events and fierce words has been restored. I can blend in and live within female society just by being my true self, it doesn’t matter if people think I was once a man what matters is that they see me as a female now and all but the bigots do. I can settle for that.

Life is good; I’m so pleased I didn’t give it up…

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Gender psychiatrists acting in breach of UK Law..

MY thanks to Dr LR for pointing this one out to me!

The UK Government passed a Mental Capacity Act in 2005 to protect those considered not able to make their own decisions.

What they didn’t realise is that in so doing they have given transsexual people the right to legally challenge the National Health Service gender charlatans and their perverse procedures taken from The World Professional Association for Transgender Health supported by their friends at Press for Change.

The whole principle of gender psychiatry is that a transsexual person is incapable of making a rational decision. They might regret it!

Denying a transsexual person the right to decide on surgery and putting long arbitrary timescales in to reach a decision is clearly an illegal process.


The Mental Capacity Act LOL

The whole Act is underpinned by key principles the two most important for transsexual people being:

A presumption of capacity - every adult has the right to make his or her own decisions and must be assumed to have capacity to do so unless it is proved otherwise.

That individuals must retain the right to make what might be seen as eccentric or unwise decisions.

Now as I see it this Act makes it impossible to argue that someone with a Gender Recognition Certificate should not receive funding for surgery!

The Gender Recognition certificate is currently issued on basis of proof of 2 years of living in gender role, a statutory declaration that this is a permanent change and a medical diagnosis of transsexualism.

I will hit my PCT with this once I get my certificate.

You can find the Act at

Here are some relevant abstracts to bash the National Health Service with…

Section 1: The principles

This sets out key principles applying to decisions and actions taken under the Act. The starting point is a presumption of capacity.

A person must be assumed to have capacity until it is proved otherwise.

A person must also be supported to make his own decision, as far it is practicable to do so.

The Act requires "all practicable steps" to be taken to help the person. This could include, for example, making sure that the person is in an environment in which he is comfortable or involving an expert in helping him express his views.

It is expressly provided that a person is not to be treated as lacking capacity to make a decision simply because he makes an unwise decision. This means that a person who has the necessary ability to make the decision has the right to make irrational or eccentric decisions that others may not judge to be in his best interests (see section 3).

Everything done, or decision made, under the Act for a person who lacks capacity must be done in that person's best interests. This principle is expanded upon in section 4. In addition, the "least restrictive option" principle must always be considered. The person making the decision or acting must think whether it is possible to decide or act in a way that would interfere less with the rights and freedom of action of the person who lacks capacity.

Section 3: Inability to make decisions

26. This sets out the test for assessing whether a person is unable to make a decision about a matter and therefore lacks capacity in relation to that matter. It is a "functional" test, looking at the decision-making process itself.
Four reasons are given why a person may be unable to make a decision. The first three (subsection (1)(a) to (c)) will cover the vast majority of cases. To make a decision, a person must first be able to comprehend the information relevant to the decision (further defined in subsection (4)). Subsection (2) makes clear that a determination of incapacity may not be reached without the relevant information having been presented to the person in a way that is appropriate to his circumstances. Secondly, the person must be able to retain this information (for long enough to make the decision, as explained in subsection (3)). And thirdly, he must be able to use and weigh it to arrive at a choice. If the person cannot undertake one of these three aspects of the decision-making process then he is unable to make the decision.

Section 4: Best interests

28. It is a key principle of the Act that all steps and decisions taken for someone who lacks capacity must be taken in the person's best interests. The best interests principle is an essential aspect of the Act and builds on the common law while offering further guidance. Given the wide range of acts, decisions and circumstances that the Act will cover, the notion of "best interests" is not defined in the Act. Rather, subsection (2) makes clear that determining what is in a person's best interests requires a consideration of all relevant circumstances (defined in subsection (11)). Subsection (1) makes clear that best interests determinations must not be based merely on a person's age, appearance, or unjustified assumptions about what might be in a person's best interests based on the person's condition or behaviour. Best interests determinations must not therefore be made on the basis of any unjustified and prejudicial assumptions. For example, in making a best interests determination for a person who has a physical disability it would not be acceptable to assume that, because of this disability, they will not have a good quality of life and should therefore not receive treatment. As with section 2(3) the references to "condition" and "appearance" capture a range of factors. The section goes on to list particular steps that must be taken. Best interests is not a test of "substituted judgement" (what the person would have wanted), but rather it requires a determination to be made by applying an objective test as to what would be in the person's best interests. All the relevant circumstances, including the factors mentioned in the section must be considered, but none carries any more weight or priority than another. They must all be balanced in order to determine what would be in the best interests of the person concerned. The factors in this section do not provide a definition of best interests and are not exhaustive.

Have fun LOL...

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

The myths of English language…

I’ve decided that the political establishment and their supporters have become very adept at the creative use of English to say one thing when they mean the opposite.

Witness the word transgender that has no legal meaning and the statement transgender people are not mentally ill. Nice sound bite every one can say it but do nothing so the abuse continues.

Most transsexual people will not complain as they want to complete their transition and merge back into society. Well merge is a bad word really as that implies an acceptance by society when clearly most of society is institutionally transphobic.

I’ve now drafted a motion for my Union to consider and that I hope will in due course be presented to and endorsed by the TUC.

Conference notes that the Equalities and Human Rights Commission and HM Government both now state that transsexual or transgender people do not have a mental illness but also notes that their Human Rights have not been brought in line with lesbian, gay or bisexual people.

Conference therefore requests that HM Government Equalities and Human Rights Commission inform the American Psychiatric Association, The Royal College of Psychiatrists and the World Health Organisation that United Kingdom citizens can no longer be considered as suffering from a disease variously described as Gender Identity Disorder or Gender Dysphoria.

Conference further calls for an immediate removal of transsexual & transgender people being subject to the Mental Health Act and that the Sex Discrimination Act and The Gender Recognition Act are amended to remove any direct or implied reference to a mental illness for transsexual & transgender people and that The Department of Health is instructed to cease its compulsory psychiatric management programme as a prerequisite for access to National Health Service surgeons.

I think it spells out what is wrong but more importantly what must be done to rid us of the charlatans that masquerade as gender specialist psychiatrists and their evil influences.

Talking of evil influences I was very distressed to see the latest example of abuse of LBGT people in Iraq. This is yet another example of the barbaric nature of male dominated society in the Middle East. This is in no small part due to the manipulation & misinterpretation of religion by men to exert control over women and to destroy anything that threatens to disrupt heterosexual male supremacy.

Warning this link is very disturbing if you care about human rights.

Last evening I went out with “J” in Uttoxeter for a chat and a few drinks. It was nice to get out of my virtual prison for a change in my own town. I enjoy his company and he’s a big guy so I feel pretty safe. We chatted & laughed about a number of issues, as being an activist is not about being serious all the time OK?

“J” gave me a copy of The Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement Newspaper something I’ve not seen before. They seem to be mainly concerned about the rights of gay & lesbian people in the Anglican Church but within the newspaper I spotted this:

“Some psychiatrists claim that all their homosexual patients are neurotic: but so are their heterosexual patients! Why else are they too on the couch?”

“The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy state that LBG people are open to seeking help for mental health problems. However, they may be misunderstood by therapists who regard their homosexuality as the root cause of any presenting problems such as depression or anxiety. Unfortunately therapists who behave in this way are likely to cause considerable distress”

Both of these illustrate that the medical establishment consider any movement away from the binary heterosexual norm to be a deviant mental illness. They are the agents of State to suppress any activity that threatens the fabric of our society where devious behaviour could cause a revolution of thought.

People wonder why I’m a Human Rights activist?

On my personal battle to get my true gender fully legally recognised I got a nasty letter from the Gender Recognition Panel saying my original statutory declaration was invalid now I'd supplied two divorce certificates and a warning that making a false statutory declaration could lay me open to charge of perjury.

OK that’s another £10 cost and I have to wait until the end of March to be finally approved because I think they’ve run out of legal nit picking excuses and I’ve learnt you can’t put single again if you were granted a decree absolute as you stay a divorced person forever.

But then the law is the law and we are all subject to it as my employers have learnt LOL

This cunning old hunchbacked Fox still has a lot of fight in her…

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Changes in the psychiatric status of homosexuality & transsexuality...

Until the early 1970's the study of homosexuality remained mostly in the domains of psychiatry.

Different theories about the origins of homosexuality were advanced. Most of the theories associated homosexuality with psychopathology, caused by faulty upbringing, which included a domineering mother, a detached father or both.

Inaccurate as this assumption was, it was not surprising because psychiatrists obtained their data only from people in therapy who had mental or emotional problems.

In 1972 & 73 the American Psychiatric Assoc. deleted homosexuality as a disease from their diagnostic handbooks.

The term "sexual preference" was introduced in the 1970's to correct the earlier concept that homosexuality was a disease or deviation.

After 1982, as more scientists found evidence that homosexuality & heterosexuality may not be a matter of free choice, the term "sexual orientation" emerged & is commonly used today.


Many people feel that the deletion of homosexuality as a mental disorder from the DSM-III and the ensuing creation of the GID diagnosis was merely sleight of hand by psychiatrists, who changed the focus of the diagnosis from the deviant desire (of the same sex) to the subversive identity (or the belief/desire for membership of the opposite sex/gender.

People who believe this tend to point out that the same idea is found in both diagnoses, that the patient is not a "normal" male or female. As Kelley Winters PhD an advocate for GID reform put it, "Behaviours that would be ordinary or even exemplary for gender-conforming boys and girls are presented as symptomatic of mental disorder for gender nonconforming children.”

In a landmark publication in December 2002, the British Lord Chancellor's office published a Government Policy Concerning Transsexual People document that categorically states, "What transsexualism is not...It is not a mental illness."

Nonetheless, existing psychiatric diagnoses of gender identity disorder or the now obsolete categories of homosexual disorder, gender dysphoria syndrome, true transsexual, etc., continue to be accepted as formal evidence of transsexuality!

Whist evidence suggests that transgender behaviour has a neurological basis; there is no scientific consensus on whether the etiology of transgenderism is mental or physical.

Unfortunately psychiatric diagnoses continue to carry authority until those diagnoses are changed. However, little scientific and statistically valid research into transgenderism or transsexualism is actually being conducted.

I will however soon publish a list of neurological evidence.

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health also enshrines the mental illness diagnoses because no other medical diagnoses are available.

The President of WPATH is Stephen Whittle of Press For Change a UK political lobby group that claims to represent the views of transsexual & transgender people. The conflict of interest is rather obvious!

Transgender people object to the classification of GID as a mental disorder on the grounds that there is a physical cause, as suggested by recent studies about the brains of transsexual people.

The treatment for this gender identity disorder consists primarily of physical modifications to bring the body into harmony with one's perception of mental (psychological, emotional) gender identity, rather than vice versa.

The accepted definition of transsexualism is the desire to live and be accepted as a member of the opposite sex, usually accompanied by the wish to make his or her body as congruent as possible with the preferred sex through surgery & hormone treatment. This must be present persistently for at least two years and not a symptom of a mental illness or chromosomal abnormality.

So think about it you must not be mentally ill to be transsexual but because you say you are transsexual you are mentally ill.

At the end of the day though this is a Human Rights issue, as the psychiatrists have no valid statistical scientific data to back up their statement that this is a mental illness because we say it is!

HM Government says one thing but due to irrational fears of the subversive nature of gender identity continues with laws that allow the agents of the sate to abuse a small vulnerable group.

Gender Identity is determined before birth

Gender “expression” can be altered, gender identity can not

Transsexual people have a neuro-developmental condition of the brain; a neurological inter-sexed condition

People born transsexual do NOT change gender, they alter their physical sexual characteristics to match their innate gender

Typically, transsexual people realise their difference at three to five years of age but are sometimes repressed due to extreme societal/parental pressure to conform to their outward physical characteristics

The drive for most transsexual people to bring their physical sexual characteristics into congruence with their gender identity is intense

Transsexual people do NOT have a mental or psychological condition, just a birth anomaly

Transsexual people recognize their gender at an early age but may, in fact, suffer from depression and other psychopathology due to the stress of their incongruence.

Being a transsexual person has no connection with sexual orientation, as transsexual people can be heterosexual, bisexual or homosexual.

If The Equality and Human Rights Commission can’t sort this mess out then it’s back to the European Courts…