Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Waiting for a third?

Couple of situations moved onwards today.

I had a meeting in Derby with my solicitor and Union authorised additional resources to progress my three cases. The intention is to list 3 cases in the High Court Harassment, Sex Discrimination & Disability Discrimination and ask Judge to hear all three together as the evidence is interlinked. Also put in first stage of Personal Injury claim so that we move things forward. My employer is ignoring me again maybe hoping against hope that I’m going to give up. I won’t!

Spoke to Pam my new Housing Officer now that Bernadette has left and sorted out that my rent arrears will be clear by March and that should satisfy Manchester Housing so I get on to their register and then bid on flats as they come up.

So that was two good things and the third?

Well I suppose I have a permanent third as “L” and I are sorting ourselves out bit by bit. Well it’s pretty much sorted. We know how we feel about each other and are pragmatic about our future.

I’m filling in Housing Applications for Redbridge & Islington, as I need more options to move my life on though first one that I can get I’m off to!

Should get my Gender Recognition Certificate approved on 29 February – exciting times eh!

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