Saturday, 9 February 2008

Make my day...

I’ve had a few good days! Yeah I know I’ve had plenty of crap ones but I believe that the tide has turned in my favour.

Friday was Manchester.

Now anyone who knows me knows I love that city. There’s a definable attitude and collective spirit. It’s tough but compassionate, it’s funny but not sarcastic, it’s friendly but not condescending and there’s that working class edge of not really trusting the capitalists and a healthy cynicism about the corruption of power.

As I walked from Piccadilly Station there was a group of construction workers taking a break smoking & drinking coffee and doing what all construction workers do assessing the women, rating them and maybe making a comment or making a whistle at the sexy pretty ones. I was duly assessed and ignored! Yippee 2 years ago I would have got F**king Tranny but now I blend in.

I got off the bus in Cheetham Hill and went straight into Northwards Housing to see why I hadn’t received any acknowledgement of my application. The receptionist checked and my NI number gave my name & address but no application details so she buzzed Head Office who said they’d lost it!

Now a few months ago I’d have gone to pieces but no I kept my cool used the free phone to Head Office who after first bit of pushing and me saying the application included a confidential medical report concluded it might be found but arranged an interview with a Housing Officer in March.

I went back into reception and saw the girl I had handed my envelope to back in January and she made some calls having assured me it had gone to Head Office in sealed daily secure transfer. She was suspicious that one of the managers had intercepted in but as they were all on a day’s course couldn’t check. Then one of colleagues shouted across they’d found it and it would be in the system on Monday. References should take 2 weeks to clear so I can push hard in March when I see the Housing Officer. After all I’m not taking a council flat out of the system just “moving” it as mine will go back into the system. There is no way I’m going into private rented unless it’s an emergency.

Then it was across the road to Joana and get my hair washed. Straightened and a few tweaks to tighten the volumeiser. Joana and I are back to being good friends again. She had cool weave/extensions/dreadlocks herself and it was great to smile & laugh together again. Venice did the wash & Straighten so we had a good chat too. Venice is a lovely lady great personality & pretty smile and we tease each other a lot.

Joana wants to do a special transgender person’s evening. Hair care, hair services, bespoke wigs and make up advice. We chatted it through and I said I’d be happy to go to the Village with her introduce her to Northern Concord the transgender support group and then tour the main venues. Well that did it! The rest of the staff jumped into the night out aspect. I said I’d take Joana to a lesbian club and that kicked of a lot of smiling banter and teasing. Looks like I’m their guide for a Wednesday trans-night and probably Sparkle as well. Hey ho just as you think you’ve escaped the scene you haven’t still who cares! Joana has done so much for me it’s least I can do to support her. I paid another chunk of my bill off and apologised to Sarah for my December bad day. I hadn’t seen her since but we’re OK now. I’m so much better than I was in December when I was close to despair from the pressure put on me by my employer but they failed and I can fight back now.

I’ve got my confirmation of being a delegate to my Union’s LBGT conference in Eastbourne. It looks dead good staying at Eastbourne Conference Centre all meals and accommodation free plus train fare paid. There’s an evening do on two nights so it’ll be fun too. Better pack my dancing boots and dress!

Now I didn’t get my gender recognition certificate automatically first time in January, as I didn’t know I had to include divorce certificates. Well Now I’ve got official copies from the courts so I’ll get my certificate in early March. I’m really going to enjoy showing a few selected people my new female birth certificate I can tell you.

I’m about a third of the way through rewriting the Transgender & Transsexual Factsheet for my Union. If I say so myself it’s going to be a great in your face document that will blow apart some myths and spell out the employment law rights that we have. Even though it’s a draft I’ll publish it in full here and on my old site until it’s approved and freely available on the Union site. Then I’ll replace the entry with a URL.

Oh finally I got my first wolf whistle LOL It wasn’t a sarcastic one before you think it. After my hair styling I got train and at Stoke station I got the whistle from one of a group of lads heading for Derby. Two years ago it would have been a mouthful of abuse. Hey I enjoy being a woman…

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