Thursday, 31 January 2008

Winning or Losing? Who knows? And do I care anymore?

Its been a frustrating few days though there’s nothing new there in terms of my life. At the end of it I’m really not sure if I’m making any progress or not.

The Gender Recognition Panel decided it needed both of my decree absolute from the divorce proceedings from my two prior marriages.

Nothing difficult there providing you have them which I don’t so quick web search revealed a spoof government web site offering to get them for an £80 each fee. Hummm well I didn’t fall for that con so I rang the courts. Burton upon Trent wasn’t very helpful – what is it about Staffordshire does the water make you a surly git? Leicester Court was great though a lovely lady sent me the forms for The Central Records Office and I sent them off today with fee of £40 each fee. Now the Court Service Web Site doesn’t have the forms – no collusion is there with that other site? Anyway that’s where you go for a copy of any court document.

I got the copy of my GP’s letter to the PCT and yes it sort of does what I wanted. Final sentence is “I would be grateful if you could reply to this specific request in view of the fact that there is no current commissioning pathway in place for South Staffordshire PCT” The request being a direct referral to Mr Phil Thomas gender reassignment surgeon. I have a feeling it isn’t going to be a simple yes or no but then I’ll ratchet it up if it’s a policy fudge blanket ban which is what has happened so far.

On the personal front “L” and I have split the cost of the train fare to Gravesend so I may be going there at end of February for a break. The problem is I desperately need some rest & recuperation and I worry that “L” & I are simply too intense to achieve anything remotely like that. What I’d do to get a few days away in the sunshine I’d better not say in this blog. A holiday is what I need but it doesn’t look any closer to me.

Finally I bumped into "J" the gay guy from the Union LBGT Forum. He’d read my suggested introduction to the transgender & transsexual guide and for the first time he said he’d understood the difference between transsexual & transgender and the need to abolish the mental health classification and replace it with a new term. Anyone for Harry Benjamin Syndrome? LOL Anyway the meeting is tomorrow lets see if I can win over some more hearts & minds?

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