Saturday, 5 January 2008

Press for Change 1 Harry Benjamin Syndrome 0

Today was FA Cup day in England though my team doesn’t play until tomorrow due to the joys of television coverage.

I got an email from Press Foe Change with the response from HM Government to their petition.

The petition was:

"This government promised minority groups, including the trans community, to end the two-tier system which denies justice and fairness to those attempting to access goods, services and facilities. Of great and particular urgency is the need to ensure equality of access to, or use of, health care services, goods and facilities, including surgical treatments, to trans people, and to end the 'postcode lottery' for the funding of such treatments. The shorter waiting times that other people now experience should be similarly available to trans people when accessing health care relating to gender dysphoria”

The response from HM Government was:

“Responsibility for health care relating to gender dysphoria rests with individual primary care trusts and eligibility for treatment is based on each patient's clinical need as determined by the relevant clinician. As with other services, the length of waiting times may be influenced by both capacity issues and by local prioritisation and resource allocation.

Approximately 100 people will undergo gender reassignment surgery within the NHS in any one-year. The Government also know that the desired end result of very many individuals is not surgical intervention but help to adjust to their gender identity.

The Royal College of Psychiatry is developing Good Practice Guidelines for the assessment and treatment of gender dysphoria and the Department of Health is currently developing specific transgender guidance on service and workforce-related issues for the NHS.”

Now there you have it!

Let me translate that into plain English.

You (Press For Change) have convinced us (HM Government) that transgender is a valid grouping and that most of these individuals are simply gender confused so we agree the mental illness classification should be maintained. After all you make a good living out of this myth, as do our psychiatrists, counsellors and others in the transgender industry.

As the number of people with Harry Benjamin Syndrome is so tiny and worthless in terms of votes we don’t care about their fate and will allow Primary Care Trusts within the National Health Service free reign to exploit & humiliate them any way they like.

I think until another person with Harry Benjamin Syndrome takes HM Government to the European Court of Human Rights then transgender people will prevail.

In football terms, the result is invalid; as team Press for Change has fielded ineligible players and the referee (HM Government) has awarded a penalty without justification under the rules.

Unfortunately all this stands until next year but then we get the chance to play again…

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