Sunday, 13 January 2008

New hair - new me!

Well I went to Manchester and Joana’s salon on Friday for a complete annual rebuild. It was ready for doing!

Joana & I had a hug and a chat in the staff room before we started the process. We had a fall out before Christmas that was my fault as I was letting things get on top of me. Joana is a wonderful person and I can’t really understand now how it happened other than my mental health was at an all time low and I was falling out with my shadow.

OK I’m not completely recovered but I can’t hand my persecutors a victory. Their prejudice & discrimination against me is an expression of their intolerance of any form of difference. I will fight the battle for all people who suffer discrimination in any form.

Anyway to my hair; I was pleased more of my own hair has re-grown and looks and is fuller. My scalp is in good condition too. There’ll never be enough to abandon the Volumiser method Joana uses to give me a luxuriant head of hair but more and more of it is really me. So after removal of the old Joana & Margaret got stuck in.

The process is not without pain! Basically a micro fibre net is pressed hard to your skull and your own hair is pulled through using a tiny “harpoon”. It’s OK at the start but by the end you are praying no more. And adding the last piece of extra hair is a moment of sheer relief!

We used the same base but also added some light brown & ash blonde so it looks both lighter and highlighted. I had red highlights before which made the old style look darker so it looks very different now. More so live, as the pictures under artificial light don’t do it full justice. I’m well pleased though it looks and feels great now the sensitivity has eased off. We started at 10am and finished at 6pm but that’s it now for 2008 unless I chose a change its just maintenance.

The cut/style I’ve had is pretty much as before but perhaps lighter fringe but as usual some nice layering. Joana is an artist with the scissors and that’s the bit she loves and why not as it’s the final transformation. I don’t think I’ve stopped smiling since it’s done.

I am so typically female as regards hair as if I think my hair looks good I feel good. Hair is a woman’s crowning glory and I think it’s vital to use it to demonstrate your independence and freedom from ownership by men. I see far too many women who have their hair short and ceased to look attractive. This suits their men who are too lazy to look good themselves. It’s the slob & slob look that too many fat people adopt. Still enough of politics I’m looking & feeling good!

Elsewhere in my life “L” and I have stopped beating each other up and that’s so much better for both of us. I’ve gained so much from “L” that we’ll always be friends but we certainly won’t be understood by the majority but who cares – I don’t.

It’s my birthday Monday and a few months back I thought I’d never say this but I’m ready for another year…

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