Monday, 7 January 2008

Love doesn’t necessarily include relationship…

Had a row on MSN with “L”, nothing unusual there I hear you say. LOL

Well anyway we switched to the telephone to sort it out. MSN is text no emotion at all so easily misunderstood, telephone is better as vocal inflexions can be clear, especially if you have strong telephone business experience like I have. You pick up on the pauses, changes in tone & emphasis better than most.

Nothing of course matches eye contact when again if you are skilled observer the other party cannot hide their true feelings. But that option is out.

So “L” & I sorted it out if accepting something forced on you by economic circumstance and other people’s views can be called sorted.

I suppose I should just say I’m happy we’re speaking and genuinely I am but I’ll be hurting for a long time to come over this situation. My friends say “L & I” have doomed to failure written on us and this probably proves them right.

So what does the future hold – who knows? I can’t give the commitment to fight on with my life beyond the conclusion of the dispute with my employer to anyone regardless of whether I win or lose that one.

Now I’m in the new and uncharted territory of reciprocal love but no relationship – my life is never simple…

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