Thursday, 10 January 2008

If you drink in the last chance saloon…

Make sure it’s the drink of life.

It’s been an interesting few days in terms of some amazing conversations that I won’t repeat here.

I’ll just summarise by saying it’s helped me a lot.

I’m off to Manchester tomorrow to have my new hairtrstyle for 2008. I don’t know yet if I’ll play safe and just have blonde highlights or go a lot further! I’ll post a new pic after it’s done.

I’ll also drop off my Manchester Housing Application to their office. I had intended to give them a letter after my visit to the consultant psychiatrist next week and still will do if they want it but I found my last Gender Specialist’s report confirms most of what I need.

I’ll email the response letter to my employer later. I’m tempted to print it here but I’d better not in case it prejudices my case.

Chased up my Gender Recognition Certificate’s progress. My file will either sneak in as last one at end or January or the Panel will review in early March. It can’t arrive too soon for me!

So that’s it I’ve taken a big swig of my drink in the last chance saloon and I believe its the right drink…

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