Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Good start to 08…

I’m trying to stay positive which is quite a task after the events of 07. Still I’ve been in touch with both my Solicitor & my Union and I’m pleased with their response.

I’ve done a great response to the denial of my grievances by my employer. It wasn’t hard to do, as they are too stupid to see the contradictions in their denials.

I was discussing the issue of modern day management with a friend and we concluded its now about maintaining the management structure not actually managing. Everything has been dumbed down to meet the standards of people who don’t understand the most basic aspects of management. The word is now meaningless in the corporate structures of today. Being a good manager is about maintaining the company view even when it’s wrong and going to cost the company more by denial of the truth.

I’ve got my hair rebuild booked and just now have to make a few grovelling phone calls to pay my gas & council tax later than I should without their corporate structures becoming a pain by haranguing me from some foreign call centre. LOL

I’ve got the consultant psychiatrist the day after my birthday so by mid January I should have a clear take on where everything is going.

I think “L” has made a New Year resolution not to contact me after me foolishly revealing that my love had not diminished. I can cope as long as I don’t hear their voice. I suppose this is where geographic distance works to my advantage for once. It’s a shame but 08 is about moving on in a positive manner not being constrained by other people’s problems.

Tomorrow is get my Manchester housing application in. I’d prefer Central London but I think Manchester is achievable and moving home is my New Year resolution. Maybe the home swapper web site will help.

My friend “S” is going back to escorting, as she can’t get any sensible offers of employment. It’s a tragedy that so many have to resort to selling their bodies in today’s society to have any sort of life. It is a sad reflection on our society that the discredited adjective of transsexual is just seen as part of the global sex industry that makes it so much harder for HBS women to be taken seriously by the medical world. Still I hope she copes well.

Finally I need to say a special thank you to “LR” who has been incredibly supportive with the issues raised by my persecution by my employers. Thank you girl you are always there when I really need help.

So tomorrow is another day…

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