Sunday, 6 January 2008

Fatally Flawed FemaleTM is dead...

I don’t quite know what it was that made me stop bouncing along the edge of despair but I have. OK I’m not recovered and I still got to fight the prejudiced bigots from work to get justice but I will do it.

I will need professional help but my consultant psychiatrist appointment is just a week away and she can point me in the right direction to resist the effects of what’s to come. They very nearly got me but they failed.

“L” sent me an email and then rang. We hadn’t been in touch since 31st December but my angry sarcasm only lasted a couple of minutes before my love cut in. We talked until 3am and it was wonderful.

I can’t offer “L” a conventional relationship but I can offer and do unconditional love and expect nothing but friendship back. I’m not looking to change their life just share a part of it.

I think that sums up my pragmatic approach to 2008 without compromising my true self. It’s taken me a lot of soul searching to discover the real me after all those years of building a false persona. I was thinking I want the old Maggie Fox back but what I really had to do was embrace the real person that’s has now emerged in her entirety.

I’ve done that and I can say “Thank you God for making me – me”. The smile is back if not the grin lol.

Now I must hold that but my Fatally Flawed FemaleTM phase is over and I’m glad it has. I owe special thanks to “S”, “B” & “LR” as well as “L” for their contribution.

So onwards & upwards…

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