Wednesday, 19 December 2007

I’m not a trans I’m a woman with HBS…

Those who know me and my old blog Diary of a Biscuit making Transsexual will understand that I totally oppose the phoney mental illness classification of “gender dysphoria”, the abuse of those seeking gender affirmation by charlatan psychiatrists, and the ludicrous grouping of the gender confused and gender fetishists with people who know their brain is one sex but their bodies another.

Now let me say I have no problem with ranges of sexuality and its expression but this headlong rush to champion Trans rights led in England by Press For Change is absolutely & fundamentally wrong.

I can easily separate my sexuality from my core identity or soul. As soon as I was capable of conscious thought I knew I had a mismatch between my female brain and my externally male body. In those days psychiatrists would have cheerfully shocked your brain into a zombie state to cure you. Given they still tried that with a friend of mine not so many years back we’ve not made that much progress.

The problem of transition is society’s view and the bigotry and prejudice that are being perpetuated and reinforced by the term Trans or Transgender.

Transgender is a lifestyle choice nothing more. It is not a definable physical condition. The term pre-operative transsexual and even worse post-operative transsexual belong in the fantasy world not in the real world.

It is a refusal by a male dominated society and certain religious groups to accept that a tiny number of individuals with this incongruence of body and soul will have ultimately no choice but to solve this issue through hormonal & surgical intervention or die.

That’s the stark choice this minority face in a world where she-male titillation is the one of the dominant themes of the pornography industry. This sets the agenda of the Health Services who knowing the psychiatric classification of mental illness is bogus see individuals that present for treatment as some sort of pervert.

The grouping of these people with Lesbian Bisexual and Gay is also fundamentally wrong and is causing serious problems by the association of sexuality to a condition that has nothing to do with sexual preferences.

That’s why after a lot of thought I’m nailing my colours to the mast of the Harry Benjamin Syndrome (HBS) lobby.

We desperately need a new name, definition and mode of operation that helps those who intend to solve their mind & body incongruence to the limits of medical science.

So for me I’m dropping the term transsexual woman before I intended to. My original decision was to drop the transsexual adjective as soon as I got my gender Recognition Certificate and my new female birth certificate.

I’ll openly declare as a woman who has HBS and use it to differentiate myself from the Trans lobby.

Once I have my new birth certificate I’ll select whom I declare my HBS too as that is my right not that of some unelected, unrepresentative body who despise the term HBS and the science that underpins it.

Don’t want the truth do we?

HBS is real transgender is fantasy.

It is that simple.

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