Saturday, 1 December 2007

I think “Oh no I’ve made Maggie Fox cry”…

Went to Joana my hairdresser on Friday in Cheetham Hill. Joana had gone home to Ghana but her girls were a credit to her managing a very busy salon with great skill. I had my own hair re-coloured (Sarah) then quick tighten (Margaret) and the best bit of straighten & trim (Sarah).

Now Sarah is someone I trust totally if I had been able to pick a daughter I’d have picked her. We chatted about frivolous stuff and then my problems of not being able to maintain a sustained happy personality and my drifts into despair. In typical Sarah style she said “You mustn’t fail now you are an inspiration for others not as strong as yourself” She said a lot more but I got another key to survival in the do this for others not for yourself.

That’s when I filled up with emotion and she said when we speak like this I think “oh no I’ve made Maggie Fox cry”! I just smiled and said “but you say all the right things and in the right way”.

You know she had simply reminded me of the purpose of my existence to fight for those less able than myself to withstand evil in whatever form.

If I needed a further reminder of that it was the junkie sitting begging on the wet pavement near the station. How can we in all conscience say we are a rich civilised country if we can’t help these people?

By help I don’t mean the actions of the fascist dictatorship we endure from our Scots leader who epitomises the corruption of socialism to the advantage of the capitalist elite. The attitude that people outside the workplace need harassing into work or lose their benefits is a national disgrace.

I may not be able to do much as a lone voice in the wilderness but I’ll try because the way we treat the less fortunate people on this island has to change fundamentally and forever.

The unfortunate and disadvantaged are my brothers and sisters…

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LisaJain said...

There is light at the end of the tunnel (even when the end of the tunnel seems to be a moving target).

Keep your eyes on your goal and don't let the bastards get you down.

You are among friends.

Lisa Jain