Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Heal the mind to save the body…

Readers of this blog may not be aware of my battles with the bigots of my hometown and workplace. It all came to a head some 6 months ago when I was confronted by an amazing sequence of events that broke my spirit.

I’ve battled with suicidal feelings ever since and whilst I’ve managed to survive the short term I’ve had to seek help for the longer term. My stress levels are about to go into overdrive as the pressure is put on me by my employer that will lead to my dismissal.

At the moment I’m suspended pending feedback report to my grievances. This will be a whitewash report and they’ll ask me to return. I’ll say no because of risk of physical attack from walking home through the town at 10pm at night and the state of my mental health.

The health issue might delay the inevitable but I doubt it.

This will only be resolved in the High Court and that is highly stressful for me plus the risk of attack by “disgruntled” employees will go off the scale when they see it all in the press.

This has been a concerted coordinated campaign by management, my local union branch and a few employees to totally destroy me. Luckily I got the support of my Regional Union Office so I can fight my case through the courts.

I’m applying for priority re-housing elsewhere amd I’ve registered with home swapper a service for council tenants to swap locations so I’m doing all I can there.

I saw my GP today who’s referred me back to the psychiatrist I saw when I was well. I was pleased to see my GP instantly saw that my mental health issues are not related to my transition or my existing medication. I was on them long enough before my reaction to the sustained psychological attack on me by my employer.

For new readers there’s two years of blog entries on another site talking about my battles with establishing myself against a raft of prejudice and discrimination.

See Diary of a Biscuit Making Transsexual at

Luckily I’ve had some good news I’ve had the serum testosterone test and the result is 0.8 nmol/L against reference range for adult females 0.5 to 2.6.

That means everything is exactly as it should be regarding my hormone treatment.

I will make it but it would be nice to have some professional help…

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