Thursday, 6 December 2007

God Bless our National Health Service...

I am a private patient of Dr Richard Curtis of The London Gender Clinic as my Primary Care Trust (PCT) refused to fund my referral, as it was not “an appropriate clinical pathway” preferring to try to force me into the mire of invented science and prejudice that masquerades as Charing Cross Gender Identity Clinic.

Charing Cross GIC is the bastion of the psychiatric charlatans that should be struck off the medical register for peddling the myth that gender dysphoria is a mental illness.

Anyway as I qualified for surgery under the international standards of care my GP applied for funding for surgery, as Dr Curtis was happy to endorse it. My Primary Care Trust immediately decided it needed to review its policy as it now had a patient asking for funding.

Now 12 months later they have decided on their policy after some prompting by my MP.

The policy is typical of everything the National Health Service fails to do.

The patient’s well being is ignored by people preferring to peddle ineffective medicine at huge cost making sure the administrators are superbly well paid.

PCTs have become unaccountable and above scrutiny.

However they do deserve ridicule:

This is my latest letter to my MP having received a copy of their proposals:

To: Janet Dean MP

Dear Janet,

I find the recent response and documents from Stuart Poyner very sad and distressing.

It’s typical of the institutionalised prejudice against transsexual people that permeates the National Health Service.

It is not a policy of clinical care it is a defence of the vested financial interests of a small minority of discredited gender specialists at Charing Cross Gender Identity Clinic.

It seems that activists like Press For Change and myself still have a huge battle on our hands to have these arbitrary unscientific rules changed.

You will no doubt recall we got the Royal College of Psychiatrists report shelved principally because of the single entry point and stereotypical approach.

Lets look at my clinical case:

I have a HM Government recognised Gender Specialist that has recommended me for surgery with a UK surgeon. (See attached report.)

I have a totally effective hormone and anti-androgen regime that has dramatically increased my “acceptability” to the general public.

I exceed all the internationally accepted criteria for readiness for surgery.

I am awaiting formal approval of my application for a Gender Recognition Certificate.

That makes me female full stop.

I can have the surgery within months if I fund it myself.

The surgeon I want operates both privately and within the NHS.

Now lets look at South Staffordshire Policy, as it would affect me:

Firstly despite having been given a “clean bill of health” by one of their own psychiatrists I now have to wait for an unspecified time for some unspecified assessment and approval from their panel.

Secondly I have no choice (lets forget patient centric care shall we) but wait (typically 2 years) to see Charing Cross GIC.

When I eventually get to Charing Cross GIC I have to either stop taking my anti-androgens as they don’t approve the one I take (which means I slowly revert to male) or discharge myself from their “care”.

I have to waste a further two years re-transitioning under their supervision.

Should I survive the effects of the first decision I will not get the surgeon I’ve researched and trust but one allocated by Charing Cross GIC.

Strangely enough none of that is in my clinical interest to do so it isn’t going to happen. It could take 5 years then they’ll argue I’m too old!

My Poynor is well aware of all this so the Policy as regards me is in effect a blanket ban on surgery unless I can find my own way of funding it.

This is very clever by the PCT who no doubt would argue in court “ah but this isn’t an illegal blanket ban as there’s a way through to surgery”.

The counter is of course that their policy is a denial if my human rights and is discriminatory by treating me differently to someone assigned female at birth even though I will posses a female birth certificate.

I think this looks like something for the European Courts to decide, as we had to use them to force through our rights and get the Gender Recognition Act.

It’s all so sad and a waste of time especially when you look at the cost of my surgery versus the risks to my health in denying me and the cost of defence in the courts.

Everyone ignores my policy suggestion that “funding for surgery will be provided to anyone who obtains a gender recognition certificate”. Why? Simple – because it gives control to the patient and that would reduce the opportunity for prejudiced people in the NHS to exploit us.

Thank you for trying to help me over the past two years and Merry Christmas.

Yours sincerely,

Maggie Fiona Fox


Anonymous said...

I have similar bad experiences to the above posts of the NHS london gender clinic who refused my referrals despite over 5 years of successful RLT. I also experienced further problems with the PCT regarding funding after I had got my referrals elsewhere.

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