Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Dial “L” for love…

Some people bring you smiles
Some people bring you hope
Some also give their love
That was more than I could hope

So when you can believe
That it’s only love you need
Then hope becomes a smile
Because you’ve gone that extra mile

OK I’ll never make a poet! “L” is far better at it than me but today I’ve got the “cat that’s got the cream” look and it’s smiles for everyone.

Just went to shops but it’s surprising how many more people smile back & say hello when you got the look of love in your eyes and are obviously happy inside.

“L” and I have agreed not to put each other through so much again. I think that will happen as it’s usually me that kicks things off and boy have I learnt a lot in the last few days. Well more really as my “roller coaster” emotional ride with “L” has sorted some of my many personal issues out.

I’m just a smiley cat today…

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