Thursday, 8 November 2007

Tracks of my tears

I woke today with salt marks on my face from tears I’d shed from the night before, but when I looked into the mirror the reflection smiled back because she was happy to be alive.

Yesterday I was full of despair & torment but someone who is now so special to me got a complete stranger to telephone me and talking to them started to pull me back.

What really did it though was a poem simply entitled the letter C and understanding what it meant and the emotion it contained.

There then followed another session of swapping of deep personal things that can only be done by two people who can give everything but demand nothing.

I ended up talking until 3am and it could have gone on all night.

I thought I was the intelligent educated one in the relationship but I’m not. My new friend and probably soon to be lover has written poetry than is way beyond anything I could do. It deserves to be published.

I had no direction or meaning but after yesterday my spirit is healed and I can move forward and smile again.

I can love again.

I never thought I’d tell the world that…

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