Thursday, 15 November 2007

There is only one happiness in life to love and be loved...

Wish I'd written that but George Sand beat me to it!

Today I went to my hairdressers. I'm not sure if retail therapy or a hair do is best for us girls. I suppose both work but, for me if my hair feels good I feel good.

I feel good.

Joana was away sorting some other business so Margaret (she who doesn't speak) and Sarah sorted me out. Sarah washed and straightened and Margaret tightened and added some.

Altered the fringe, dunno whether I'll keep it yet.

Main thing though was that I was so chilled all day even with the sniffles from my cold.

Sarah could see the difference in me.

I found myself talking about the future after my dispute with my employer is over. I'm mentally prepared now for whatever shit they throw my way and I'll not just survive it but pay it back to them with interest.

I know as a Christian I must forgive and turn the other cheek but this comes under pay to Caesar that which belongs to Caesar.

The thing they forget is that my God is Love so when I asked for forgiveness for my intended end I got pointed at the most wonderful person I've ever met and my life was changed.

I needed space and time to think and I've done that and realised that the reaction of the last few days was the inevitable reaction to facing up to the real me.

My new friend jumped on my protective shell, broke it into a million pieces and made me face my soul without running away.

I thought my spirit was destroyed by the events of the last six months but it had just retreated into my soul such that it could only be released by unconditional love.

I've been given that.

That of course now begs the question where next?

Is it run away from each other and miss the opportunity or embrace it?

We'll never finally decide that at distance that's a face to face job.

I know I can promise that the panics and scares will disappear and that we will be mutually stronger than we ever believed possible.

If you can tell everyone that it's love then happiness follows...

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