Thursday, 1 November 2007

Shop till you drop…

Went into Manchester today it was really busy with Mums and Daughters and groups of teenage girls as it’s half term. I’d arranged to meet Ria so we lunched at Zest Café, as I like their coffee and Pannini. Ria had the salad bar though she was taking potluck with it as she said she didn’t recognise half the stuff LOL

So off to Primark where again I maintained my 100% not bought anything record so why do I bother? Well Ria wanted to buy a dress for a friend, which she duly did. Went to Mango but only one thing caught my eye but decided it was nice but wouldn’t get worn much so I passed on it.

Tried the L’Oreal powder foundation in Boots came out too dark and decided didn’t cover blemishes like a liquid does. Still girl that applied it was nice but I was pleased I had my repair kit with me. I use L’Oreal liquid foundation and a Maybellene translucent powder so got back to me OK. I’m glad I tried it though as I’ve been meaning to do for ages.

Went to Marks and Spencer and checked undies but couldn’t find a bra and matching thong combination I liked so we did coffee there. Did find a great coat but it was too lined! Yes even me who likes T-shirts in winter under a coat was overcooking in it! Ria had to “fly” as she wanted to get back to York to meet someone else so I carried on to USC and most of the Arndale Centre.

I had a look in the apple store to see the new OS Leopard. It’s very different to XP so need to see it again to form an opinion really. The MacBook Pro laptops were sexy as hell though! I need a rich boyfriend to buy me one Hint, Hint. Then it was off to Oldham Street to a guitar shop as the price of an Apple Mac made me think about the sort of guitar you could buy for same price! A Gibson please, Santa!

So feet well tired I dropped into Night and Day Café for a bottle of Peroni and some Pringles. Heard the band setting up for the evening but they didn’t stop me heading off home to rest my feet! I’d managed to go full day without buying anything except refreshments, but that was down to things I could afford I didn’t like, whilst those I couldn’t afford I liked! My usual problem champagne tastes but lemonade wages. I really need a rich boyfriend fast!

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