Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Now we are two…

Well Monday 19 November 2007 was a defining date for me as I’ve now completed the arbitrary two-year qualification for gender recognition. I’d booked a meeting with my Consultant, as I need his report for my application.

Dr Richard Curtis is one of the few members of the medical profession I trust and I know is working for my best interests. He’s done the same journey and the relationship between us is first class with both sides able to tell it as it is.

I was pleased that he could see the big difference in me from 12 months ago. Mind you I was a tad anorexic then, OK yes I did look like a concentration camp victim, so I should look bit better now!

He was very concerned that I was looking at Dr Suporn In Thailand for my surgery as he felt his technique & requirement for a long period under anaesthetic was dangerous for me with my history of Ankylosing Spondylitis.

OK if everything went perfectly but complications are far more likely with my history of cysts & varicose veins. Ending up in a Thai Hospital not speaking Thai doesn’t appeal and could be very dangerous. We discussed UK surgeons & Dr Phil Thomas looks favourite so I now need to talk to some of “his girls”.

Still that’s a way off yet as the issue of funding it still looms large.

Anyway we discussed other stuff but that doesn’t belong in this blog.

After Dr Curtis it was time for a decision Plan A go to Gravesend stay with my new lover or Plan B stay with Bianca in Streatham. Plan A however had taken a big kicking during the journey with texts saying don’t come due to panic attacks. So after a brief further exchange of texts & a phone call it was off to Bianca’s in Streatham.

Quickish turn around (mirrors set too high for short arse like me lol) and it’s on bus to Soho to Trash Palace to see The Pretty Route a four-piece group hailing from Brighton. Bianca was fretting (jokingly) that we were late and might miss them but nah 7:30 start, do me a favour, they not even finished sound check when we got there at 7:50ish. LOL So a Sol lager packet of crisps and three Budweiser Budvar later we adjourned to China town for meal.

Trash Palace was cool club/pub allegedly gay/lesbian but it was in reality more mixed – nice way to find out someone’s preference if they hit on you. Few cool beautiful types in there but not all.

Got involved in a conversation about labia piercing in the loo (as you do) and one of the girls gave me quizzical look – “where you from?” she said. "Uttoxeter" I said she laughed & said “thought so I used to work at leisure centre there!” It’s a small world. LOL Mind you her friend said “You’re dead sexy you” to me so I laughed but it quite made my night especially as she said it again as I left!

Brilliant meal in the restaurant with plastic neon Miss Piggy in the window and a good bottle of Rose – well it is year of the pig. We took a late night bus back to Streatham with me banging on all the way back about my love life or lack of it. I’d avoided smoking (well except for one almost sick making drag on Bianca’s ciggy aside) & drugs which considering I was a bit emotional was rather good. Coffee & inflatable mattress later and I was off to land of nod!

Came back home today grilled steak, South African chardonnay & chocolate as I’m still celebrating OK? Well I'm celebrating being a woman but now my love life lets say that’s another story.

Had huge conversation with Chris and that helped as it always does…

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