Thursday, 29 November 2007

No problem its only 4 hours & 3 changes of trains…

I think that’s what I was supposed to say to my employer for their kind decision to hold the grievance investigation feedback meeting next week at their Head Office.

What they actually got as a reply from me was: -

This is a ludicrous demand.

I am not prepared to travel to XXX, which is a 4-hour journey involving 3 train changes.

More importantly you have no idea of the deep psychological damage that YYY has inflicted on me.

I will not attend a meeting at any YYY Offices.

We agreed at our last meeting that our next meeting would be at a safe venue for me such as the Derby ZZZ Hotel.

I hope that was clear!

I’d decided to ask my GP to refer me back to the psychiatrist who I saw early on in my transition who concluded that I was not suffering from any mental illness. I do trust her to advise me how to cope with what she may well diagnose as “post traumatic stress disorder”.

I don’t care about the mental illness label. I want to somehow get back to the girl I was before the day I stared into the eyes of evil. At the moment my spirit peeks out of my soul does what it has to and then darts back in.

I’m OK with those I trust/love but everyone else I see as a threat. I have lost so much of the bubbly Maggs Fox and I want my personality back please.

On other side of stuff;

I got fined £14 by my credit card company for going over limit even though it was their interest charges that did it! Don’t you love Barclays?

I got my original documents back with a letter saying my application for a Gender Recognition Certificate has been verified. My application will be passed to the panel in “due course”.

I think “due course” is better than “in the fullness of time” (that’s never) but I suppose it’s civil service speak for “look mush we’ll do this when we feel like it” LOL

Hey nearly another day done, paid my rent & it’s off to Joana my hairdresser tomorrow…

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