Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Love isn’t finding someone you can live with its finding someone you can’t live without.

Well in my case it’s bit more really in sense it’s about a reason to live too.

I’ve taken a huge kicking in my life and I’m not finding it easy to just do the simple things like just making someone happy.

I was always tense and unable to relax and only Chris has really understood me but then she remains my soul mate, confident and best friend. So I told her everything that had happened after a bit of nudging.

I was relieved she fully understood and gave me some good advice as had Steffi earlier but being stubborn old Maggs I need it at least twice to act on it!

So it’s yes to being friends and just seeing where we go but most of all smile & make it fun.

That’s hard for me but I’ll do my best to make my love happy I do hope the rollercoaster is on the level now…

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