Sunday, 25 November 2007

Less is more…

Been in a “so so” mood today but rather than resort to chemical stimulants or alcohol as I’ve done in the past I cleaned the bathroom.

I find that very therapeutic. I’ve got an enamel bath and it gleams when it’s clean like no plastic one can. The council wanted to change it for a cheapo plastic one; with contractors selling mine off at a profit, they didn’t succeed on that.

So after getting a gleaming bathroom I tried cutting my make up down even further. I can get away with just a minor blend in of dabs of foundation & powder but to look right I must use eyeliner & mascara.

I go from dowdy to looking sexy with those two. My eyes and smile are my assets really so if I emphasise eyes then I’m in seduction mode LOL

I think whilst some aspects of my short love affair hurt me the pluses I gained have outweighed the tears.

I’m confident, realise I’m a sexy, attractive, older woman and I’m not afraid of being in love anymore.

Think it’s time to start going back to Vanilla in Manchester well after a live band of course.

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