Wednesday, 14 November 2007

It's all over now..

I suppose intense total love affairs are always doomed if that is what it was though I can’t find the right word to describe the love I’ve got.

I’ve cried every day, not superficial tears, but deep soul wrenching tears that have cut me to the core and I can’t handle it.

Some of my friends think I’m just running away as I often do from problems but this has not been like that.

I love this person more than anyone I’ve ever met but I have to end this now to save them incredible future pain and grief with their family and friends.

If I had let this relationship develop into us becoming an item the problems we would have faced would have destroyed us both anyway.

So I had to decide take the pain now or later for both of us.

When you love someone as deeply then it’s very hard to do this especially as I have to rule out the friends / former lovers bit too.

I just can’t handle anything other than a clean break.

I will pray for forgiveness for what I’ve done and for my love lost…

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