Monday, 26 November 2007

From betrayal to trust…

Went to Derby today to meet my new solicitor Richard provided by my Union.

Now don’t you love train fares £5.60 single or £5.80 return as I needed a return it sort of felt OK LOL

Anyway it was cold & dry and train was 6 mins late. A quick check of the ladies on the platform revealed only two if us wore makeup and only one (me) a skirt. Come on girls if you want to be like men well….

Anyway nice brisk walk across Derby (in heels too) to save taxi fare and I’m at Rowleys Derby Office nice place though not offered coffee (only moan) but to be fair got nice one later when I did ask.

We went through the ET1 draft & Richard’s questions and I handed over the devastating evidence we have. It went very well and I very carefully accessed his body language and decided I could trust him fully.

OK he’s a Manchester United season ticket holder but everyone has to have one fault LOL

So next move is he’ll read everything and discuss my case with the Barrister that specialises in Harassment High Court Cases. The show as they say is now on the road.

We have to “show personal injury” so I’ve agreed to meet a Psychiatrist paid by the Union as I don’t want that assessment in the public domain until the trial. No matter how much I’m suffering the NHS is not in on that one. I’ve upset too many NHS Psychiatrists by rightly ridiculing “Gender Specialists” and their bogus mental illness theories.

So today I put my trust in a man and my future now depends on his and my Barrister’s skill. I don’t trust easily but when I do I commit fully. The draft ET1 will not now be submitted to a Tribunal – my decision.

So to all those that betrayed me I say I’m still fighting for justice not just for me but for all transsexual women as I know what I went through would have seen some others take their own life. I still can’t be sure I won’t do that, that’s how badly I was broken.

Next week it’s meet the Company for the results of the investigation into my grievances – I can hardly wait LOL

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