Friday, 16 November 2007

The eyes have it…

I’ve always believed the eyes are the windows to the soul and you can tell so much when you really look.

At work it was the look in the eyes of a senior production manageress that broke me. I never believed another woman could have such hatred in their eyes but she did.

Therefore it’s no real surprise that it took the look of love in another’s eyes to pull me out of my dark place.

And yes I’m out forever.

Today despite my cold I’ve had a great time. Everything went like clockwork and to budget lol I’ve booked my solicitor for my statutory declaration and dropped off forms to GP I’m back to old organised me too!

Chris rang but we didn’t meet, as I don’t want to pass on my cold. Got some soup & some curry (that should kill it) for the weekend, as I don’t want to feel crap next week.

I’m lucky really as whenever I get the “is she?” look I just flash a smile and get one back. It worked a treat today and I pass the voice test too so there is really no reason now why I can’t go back to what I do best.

I’ve found that I can swap my maisonette with anyone else in the UK under the “house swap” system! OK it’ll take a time but I checked with my landlord and they said someone swapped with someone in Scotland last week!

I fancy the South East again as that’s where I know I belong – I did grow up in London and lived there for 10 years and I still get the buzz every time I get there!

Of course there is now another reason but I must take lots of time there after my stupidity in throwing someone’s love for me back in their face.

I can wait.

So despite the attempts to destroy me at work and others to drag me down to their level I’m going to make it.

Life is good and it’ll get better…

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