Saturday, 24 November 2007

Don’t give it too much bend girl…

I cut my remaining long nails today to give my guitar a good belting – has to be done don’t cha know. LOL

Maybe it was a mistake to belt it out with Eric Clapton & BB King playing, two of my heroes, well guitar gods really. Yeah I was in London Marquee Club where someone scrawled beneath “Elvis is King” “but Clapton is God”. Happy days!

I once saw Eric Clapton break a string whilst playing with the Yardbirds. I counted 24 and he’d restrung and was back in perfectly – now that was class. Shame I not got a replacement so it’s guitar shop next Tuesday as Monday I’m in Derby for meeting with the new solicitors my Union have provided for my harassment or discrimination case.

Just as well really cos my fingers are shot from playing that’s because my fingers are soft so they hurt if I overdo it and yes I was giving it some bend on the frets. Don’t care though cos it’s fun.

So after Eric & BB it’s Sheryl Crow my voice coach, I just love singing along with her then it’s Groove Armada. Earlier I did Emma, Cathy Dennis and the Kaiser Chiefs. Eclectic tastes or what?

Music is my thing, it lifts my mood and I can’t envisage me living without it.

You can stuff your television unless it’s possibly MTV LOL I’d rather have music on & either play guitar or read or waste my time on the World Wide Web. Mind you it’s surprising what you find and who you meet on there! Well once you get past the geeks and freaks I suppose. LOL

So I now need a new G-string that’s for my guitar cos I got a few of the other sort upstairs in my undie drawer, yes including the jewelled back types, sign of a misspent adolescence? Well OK I was a wild thing in the early days. Mind you the PVC dress still comes in handy LOL Must find more excuses to wear that!

I was going to go out tonight but decided on a quiet one and being sensible and paying some bills. Trouble is sensible doesn’t really fit my natural personality as it comes back to normal. It’s gonna be harder to do sensible in the future. You reading this "L"? LOL

I need some live music fixes soon and maybe bend a G-string too…

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