Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Back in the USSR…

Not really but I am at home again after an amazingly good mini holiday. Well lot more than a holiday really LOL

So after such an intense few days it’s decision time. Just friends or more?

Now I know when you got to make a vital decision they say make two columns and write the pluses in one and minuses in other then weigh up the columns and the decision is easy.

Fine so the minuses are age difference, distance, affect on family, friends’ etc. etc. whilst in the plus column are just two words – True Love. No contest really the plus column has it.

So I’m going back again to Kent after I see my specialist in London and maybe my lover will come to see me soon. It’s just a matter of cat sitters really!

Mind you like all intense relationships between similar personalities it is volatile. We really can both go off on one on the phone or text. I think the you’re dumped is at deuce lol That is at distance as face to face we just can’t row as our eyes give away our true feelings.

It’s going to be interesting if nothing else but I wouldn’t change this for the world. Hey ho away we go…

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