Thursday, 22 November 2007

Another nail down but the smile is bigger…

Yeah broke another nail this time pulling on my ankle boots nearly chucked the boots out but then I’ve not got a rubbish chute to do the job properly (private joke that) LOL

Received my letter from Dr Curtis for my Gender Recognition certificate almost boring really “my opinion is that Maggie Fox has fulfilled the criteria for obtaining a Gender Recognition Certificate and in due course a new Birth Certificate in her female name and gender status”.

Nah LOL It’s dead exciting really – you should have seen my face when I read that!

In separate letter to my GP I loved these comments from Dr Curtis:

“She passes well”

“Her voice is good”

“She has put on weight recently which is feminising”

WAYHAY you should see my smile!

I chuckled at “her manager does not accept her and her Union has been variably supportive” that’s supreme understatement but this blog is not about those issues!

Anyway popped in to get my GPs report and was told, by my GP, that my PCT will complete its full policy review regarding treatment of transsexual people before the year is out!

On her report to Gender Recognition Panel under heading of - If your patient has not undergone surgery you need to explain why not - she put: “surgery is currently not funded from local PCT”

That’s dynamite as a blanket ban is illegal so if my PCT don’t change policy I got them!

You know I’ve got the strangest feeling on all this, as Dr Phil Thomas was my first choice NHS surgeon.

I’m sure I’m nearly there as they say one final push and I’m done!

Chris & I do coffee tomorrow then its do Statutory Declaration and it’s application in. That’s 4 days from qualifying.

This girl don’t hang around when she really wants something…

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