Tuesday, 30 October 2007

In search of the perfect poached egg...

Now I love a poached egg on toast but for various reasons I don't have an egg poacher so it's microwave time!

Easy eh?

Well here are instructions..

  1. Boil Water
  2. Pour water into a bowl (around a dessert sized bowl is ideal).
  3. Add in a dash of white vinegar.
  4. Stir water and crack egg into revolving water.
  5. Place a lid/plate over the top of the bowl.
  6. Microwave for approx. 80 seconds (this is on an average microwave).
  7. Drain the egg out of water.
Now 1 and 2 two easy but what is a dash? Its not how fast can you criss cross your kitchen is it? It's a bit but not a bit too much or a bit too little. It's not a variable measured in CC sort off add 50cc to 500ML. So you guess!

4 and 5 are OK but 6 is a variable again, as do you like your egg soft or hard or nicely in between?


7 is easy.

Today I got it just right!

I've refined the white wine vinegar to a tiny slug and got my toaster to time the egg as in the time it tales between pop up and buttering the toast my egg is just perfect - well for me. I like it with a soft slightly runny yolk then its just black pepper and tomato sauce.


Of course every day is not a perfect egg day but life is about believing it will be....

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