Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Quick grab the make up & straighteners…

Now I’m someone who can’t answer the door without make up on. Well OK I might to friends in an emergency but otherwise forget it!

Woke up today & boy did I look dishevelled as I’d been chatting to a girlfriend on the phone until 1:30 AM. Anyway after shower & make up thought I still looked a mess but then the magic of the straightener kicks in! After 10 minutes hey I can face the world!

The thing is I’ve forgotten what we did before they were invented now. Well go curly is the answer! LOL Few of my friends’ still use rollers or worst still the “perm” but it’s just not me. Of course the real question is how come my hairdresser can wield straighteners like a magic wand? I’m good but I can never achieve her standard but then I suppose you need to be a contortionist to get to that standard!

Anyway I did my food shopping (mostly at Lidl) and then had a quick review of tops at Peacocks couple of nice ones but I’m off to clothes shop tomorrow with Ria so anything today would have needed to be spectacular. Still it was fun. I need some disposable earrings too cos I loose loads through compulsive hair flicking when I dance (OK & other times too) and I have night out soon.

Now do I co-ordinate clothes with Ria for that night out? Nah that’s silly really though it can be fun if you are same size & shape but she’s taller than me but then most people are except for the Welsh but best to keep way from them. I can say that cos my Mum& Dad were Welsh. Though my birth certificate says Newport, England so I’m English aren’t I? I think tomorrow is about getting outfits that don’t clash LOL

Anyway after my shop I got to thinking, for some reason, what three things would I grab if my maisonette were on fire? Easy! Tilley Cat, my make up bag and my straighteners….

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

In search of the perfect poached egg...

Now I love a poached egg on toast but for various reasons I don't have an egg poacher so it's microwave time!

Easy eh?

Well here are instructions..

  1. Boil Water
  2. Pour water into a bowl (around a dessert sized bowl is ideal).
  3. Add in a dash of white vinegar.
  4. Stir water and crack egg into revolving water.
  5. Place a lid/plate over the top of the bowl.
  6. Microwave for approx. 80 seconds (this is on an average microwave).
  7. Drain the egg out of water.
Now 1 and 2 two easy but what is a dash? Its not how fast can you criss cross your kitchen is it? It's a bit but not a bit too much or a bit too little. It's not a variable measured in CC sort off add 50cc to 500ML. So you guess!

4 and 5 are OK but 6 is a variable again, as do you like your egg soft or hard or nicely in between?


7 is easy.

Today I got it just right!

I've refined the white wine vinegar to a tiny slug and got my toaster to time the egg as in the time it tales between pop up and buttering the toast my egg is just perfect - well for me. I like it with a soft slightly runny yolk then its just black pepper and tomato sauce.


Of course every day is not a perfect egg day but life is about believing it will be....